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The Woman Behind the Counter

Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, Myra Wright makes the average day of a high school student a little better. She spends her time behind the counter of the Hilltopper Café cooking up orders by the dozen. Having little time to rest, she works diligently, never getting an order wrong. Myra has a degree from Johnson & Wales University located in Providence, Rhode Island. She hopes to become a personal chef one day. As of now she enjoys crafting barbecue chicken grilled cheeses, while dreading making the infamous Oreo cookie crunch shake. She works long hours and wakes up early to prepare for the daily activities involved with her craft. During her free time, she likes to exercise, hang out with friends, and spend time with her family.  A day in her life includes baking cookies and croissants for the day before school begins in the morning, preparing the ingredients needed for the numerous menu items, and stocking the fridge full of drinks, fruit, and parfaits. Myra likes to work on the Hilltop and says she “likes to see the kids everyday and the regulars.” Myra is a hardworking individual who values the art of cooking and comes ready to work everyday.

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  1. Asa Floyd Asa Floyd October 25, 2018

    Someone sign this writer!!!!!

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