A Peek at the Past: The Vigornia’s Illustrious Alumni

We at The Vignornia are proud of our long-standing tradition of excellence both during and after our time at WA. We have featured an impressive collection of writers and editors throughout the years and want to use this article to highlight some of the members who have made societal contributions in the years following the ones they spent on the Hilltop. 

Emily Rutherford, Class of 1965 

This former Vigornia editor is one of few American teenagers to earn admission to every single Ivy League institution. Emily was a talented writer and undoubtedly used her talents to write her way into admission at every one of the schools. 

Of the seven schools, Emily ended up attending Yale where she studied international relations with a minor in Journalism. She used her talents for writing while at Yale, writing for their newspaper, The Yale Daily News

John Cena, Class of 1996 

Many people know that the beloved Fortnite icon John Cena graduated from Cushing Academy. But did you know that he attended the WA middle school? It’s true! While in middle school, John was an active member of the community and ended up submitting several photographs to The Vigornia. While not technically a writer for the paper, his one-time contribution to the paper is greatly appreciated! He posted a before and after photo of his time in middle school. He looks so happy! We are so happy for John! (Please refer to him as Mr. Cena, we at The Vigornia have the special privilege of referring to him as John as he is a comrade of ours)

 Jennifer Coolidge, Class of 1982

Ms. Coolidge, or as we at Vigornia know her, J Cool, wrote for The Vigornia throughout her time here at WA. J Cool was extremely involved in the arts and writing clubs here. In fact, JC stays involved with The Vigornia by reading our articles! She even updated us about her newfound love for Vanilla Milk and sent her own rebuttal on “Dress code and Doordash.” Unfortunately, her PR team said it was too hostile to post but we KNOW you would’ve loved to hear how she thinks we should all be allowed to Doordash ourselves a hot-dog on those extra patriotic days. We love J.Cool and can’t wait for her to come to WA to advise our club next year!


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