What’s the Situation with WA Snow Days?

As a college-preparatory academy that does not add extra school days onto the end of the year when there is a snow day, I understand why administrators would be hesitant to cancel school. 

In addition, I would like to recognize that there was an article already published by The Vigornia addressing the issue of snow days and school cancellation earlier this semester. However, I want to highlight those concerns once again, as the question remains: were students’ thoughts and experiences taken into consideration when deciding on Thursday, February 4th? 

Why examination beyond following the Worcester Public School System matters: I live an hour away from Worcester Academy. Further, my town has been ranked as one of the places with the worst-plowed roads in Massachusetts. Though it is no fault of the school, it is a clear fact that during inclement weather, the drive is harder. I am not the only one with concerns as a commuter, many other students travel long distances to attend school. 

As many recall, school wasn’t canceled until 9 am on Thursday, when students were supposed to arrive by 10 (on a 2 hour delay).  Considering the road conditions, shuttle time from the parking lot to main campus, walking from main campus to my first class at the PC, and the fact I had to grab something from a separate building on campus, I planned to be at school no later than by 9:30 am. Therefore, to make it on time,  I had  to leave my house around 8:20 am, despite my mom urging me to stay home, out of concern for my safety. The reason for my disregard of her pleas was because my Thursday, April 4th schedule included an important class, one which I  believed required my attendance. I got into the Worcester area at about 9:15am, after many slides across the road; this number matched the number of tears I shed when my mom called and told me school was closed. I had to drive all the way home in the same weather conditions and was as frustrated as ever. When I finally got home, I slipped and broke my phone. While the last aspect isn’t technically the school’s fault, I can’t help but think about how it would have all been completely avoided if WA were to have canceled earlier. 

Many students that *I* wouldn’t get in a car with were on the roads that day; teenagers, most of whom got their license about a year ago, were driving in conditions that kept many adults off the road. Thankfully it was eventually canceled, keeping many in the area from starting their drive. It does make me sad to think that the school doesn’t consider the students who don’t live near the school. Because WA is a private institution, it does not have to follow the same zoning that public schools do, which means students (and faculty!) do not have to live in a specific area to attend the school. Many students do NOT live in Worcester. I wish that administration, security, and whoever else makes the snow day calls would check not only the Worcester weather, but also the weather of neighboring counties. 

I understand that making a snow day call is a lot of work… but how is the same mistake happening again and again? 

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