Where in the World is Kate Middleton?

For the past two weeks, the world has been consumed by the absence of Princess Catherine of Wales, wife of Prince William of Edinburgh and heir to the British throne. The Princess has been on medical leave from royal duties after an abdominal surgery in January, but the press has desired the truth behind the extended leave of absence for the notable royal. 

The Royal Family’s secrecy concerning the Princess’ fate has only heightened the press’ suspicions about the British throne, as the Mother’s Day Photo Scandal has sent the media into a frenzy about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts. The royal was discovered to have manipulated an image featuring herself and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Since the revelation, many have called into question former pictures taken by the Princess of Wales, one of which displays the late Queen Elizabeth with her 11 great-grandchildren. Since the scandal, many have wondered where Kate Middleton truly is, with rumors running galore and speculation only increasing.

Conspiracy theories have spread like wildfire across the internet, with wisps of gossip surrounding the Princess’ rumorous affair with a younger man to wild death hoaxes begging the future Queen’s demise. These stories, however, were dispelled by Princess Kate on March 22nd, where she revealed her cancer diagnosis via Instagram. While details were limited, the Princess described that medical professionals discovered cancerous cells after her January surgery and that she is currently waiting to begin preventative chemotherapy treatments against the illness. 

Since Princess Kate’s reveal, there has been an outpouring of support for the Royal Family, with many expressing their best wishes to the Princess amidst her medical leave. In light of these developments, others have noted the uncharacteristic behavior of the British Royal Family in dismissing media-fueled rumors about the Princess’ status, leaving the rest of us to wonder about the British throne’s newfound transparency with the public.

While certainly abnormal, this type of candid behavior is not completely known with the British Crown. The 2019 exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the Royal Family marked a new era and unprecedented period for the British throne, as many suspected a fracture in the strength of the Crown and questioned the toxicity behind the Royal Family’s arrangement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s removal saw a new glance at royal life, opening up to the public about the realities of being a member of the British monarchy, including the challenges behind maintaining that role. While many pacified the Sussexes’ attempt at candor, the media soon reported a decline in the couples’ popularity, suggesting the public held short-term interest in the trivial squabbles of the Royal Family.

Despite this trend, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s eye-opening 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, alongside the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare and the Netflix miniseries Harry & Meghan, piqued the public’s desire for increased transparency from the Royal Family. Despite the shocking revelations from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former time as Senior Royals, the British Crown remained silent, despite pressures from the media to respond to these comments. 

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, currently sun-kissed on the West Coast and retired from their duties as British royals, have connected with Princess Kate since her public announcement, consented publications of the couple’s complex relationship with the British throne have brought an onslaught of demand from those outside of the palace walls, begging for the secrets of the bejeweled monarchy. 

The recent controversy surrounding Kate Middleton’s absence represents the unrelenting fervor of the public’s desire for truth, which is both understandable and unattainable. The Royal Family’s power lies in the continuity and strength of the monarchy, with its members dedicated to protecting its control over the United Kingdom and ensuring its rule for years to come. Personal details about the royals are impertinent in their duties as protectorates of the Crown.

While many of these theories appear to be light-hearted and trivial in the eyes of the Internet, the harmful and damaging nature of some, however, emphasize the idea of privacy, especially in the case of one of the most powerful royal families in the world. 

The Royal Family’s firm position against clarity with the media, protecting themselves under the shade of privacy, seems to be holding strong at the moment. The frustration for the secrets behind the British throne will only be exacerbated by the Crown’s continued silence, signifying how the Royal Family will remain private amidst their health struggles and further demonstrating their intent for the monarchy’s survival.

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