Spring Spotlight on Our WA Teachers

Hello Hilltop, 

The dark winter days on the Worcester Academy campus are finally over! As spring approaches, we feel it is necessary to “shine some sun” on the teachers who have made a positive impact on the Hilltop thus far in the school year. We at The Vigornia appreciate every teacher, coach, and staff member, and want to use this article as a space to commend those teachers whose impacts have been specifically voiced by students, through data gathered by The Vigornia editors.

Math Department

To start, Mrs. Kim Kastler, an Upper School Math teacher, has earned glowing praise from many members of the student body. One Hilltopper says “She is an amazing teacher and always comes to check in on you if she sees you in the halls!” It is clear Mrs. Kastler is viewed as a friendly figure, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

In addition, Mrs. Kastler is often praised for her stock of snacks from which her students can get something to eat, if need be. One student has written that Mrs. Kastler “always has snacks for her kids.” Mrs. Kastler’s snack supply is a clear testament to her considerate nature and friendly personality. Her friendliness and thoughtfulness are known throughout Kingsley and have earned Ms. Kastler admiration throughout campus 

English Department

One teacher who has made a clear impact on the student body is English teacher, Mr. Charley Mull-Im. He teaches AP Lang as well as his popular elective, “Into the Wild,” which culminates in an appreciation for the outdoors with the study of John Krakeur’s nonfiction book, Into the Wild. Hilltoppers lovingly call Mr Mull “an icon” and appreciate his friendliness in and out of the classroom. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr Mull is the coach of the Boys JV Soccer team, runs the Poetry and Prose club: Dead Pizza Society, coaches the Ultimate Frisbee team, and can often be found during the warmer months of the year skateboarding with students around campus. It is teachers like Mr Mull who make high school memorable and help students feel accepted and comfortable around campus. 

Science Department

Ms. Kelly Bubello, Upper School Science teacher and department chair, has very clearly made an impact on many students’ learning. Ms. Bubello is tasked with a difficult job: teach an honors-level science class to 14-year-old students who are anxious about the start of their high school career at a college preparatory school. She clearly conquers this obstacle annually, as one student credited her as having “deepened [their] love of Biology.” 

If teaching freshmen was not hard enough, Ms. Bubello additionally teaches an Upper School course entitled “Honors Infection and Disease,” a high-level life science course exploring the outbreak of diseases and their microbiological composition and behavior. 

Beyond her duties in the classroom, Ms. Bubello also leads the Science Olympiad team, as well as the Medical Explorers club. In other words, she has a lot to do. Even with all her daily tasks, Ms Bubello has found a way to form connections with her students. One student even calls her “relatable,” and another gives her credit for sparking their eagerness to attend her lectures, stating that Ms. Bubello “makes [them] enjoy class.” 

Arts Department

Mr. Jared Field, specializing in music, is another teacher who has impacted students’ learning. Mr Field is the Visual and Performing Arts department head and teaches several classes within the department. He also helps to run WA’s Contemporary and Jazz bands. He has guided students through their passion for the arts and assisted students with the explorations of their talents. 

One student writes that Mr Field “has been arguably the best mentor for me to develop musically,” and his guidance has helped this student access opportunities that they “never would have gotten elsewhere.” Mr Field’s impact as a teacher of the arts is an important thing for students at WA whose ambitions lie within the arts and in music. One student even says that they “Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher at Worcester Academy.” 

World Language Department

Mrs. Geenty is the World Language department head and teaches Latin to the Upper and Middle Schools. Her teaching has made an impact on students, particularly their comfort and enjoyment within the classroom. One student writes “​​Mrs. Geenty always makes me feel welcome.” Feeling welcome and comfortable in an educational environment is an important thing for learners here at WA. 

Another student says that Mrs. Geenty “makes Latin class so fun.” Beyond comfort, maintaining a fun environment within the classroom is important, since it is  these classrooms that keep students engaged and interested throughout a lesson. Mrs. Geenty has facilitated an environment for her students in which they feel comfortable and engaged, so much so that one student writes that “​​she is by far the best and kindest teacher!”

History Department

Mr James Young is a history department teacher as well as the New Faculty Coach. Mr Young teaches several classes to the Upper School, including AP African American Studies, and Urban History, as well as the full-year interdisciplinary elective, Social Justice in History. Mr Young is known around campus for his friendly demeanor, and you will often find that students who have had him praise him for his kindness. 

One student describes Mr. Young as a “wonderful teacher” who “teaches relevant information.” He also is regarded as a teacher who is “willing to give constructive feedback.” Students also have noted the passion with which Mr. Young gives his lessons, which in turn makes classes all the more engaging and informative. Mr. Young’s kindness coupled with his impressive teaching abilities make him a teacher who has earned appreciation on the Hilltop. 

In conclusion, Worcester Academy has some pretty great teachers. From Math to the Arts, you are sure to find plenty of teachers here who support your learning in their own unique ways. 

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