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2021’s Best Halloween Costumes

With each spooky season, there are new shows, movies, and trends that influence that year’s Halloween costumes. Here are some of the best costume ideas we saw this year: 


Whether fairies from franchises, such as the Tinkerbell fairies and Winx, or just an old dress and a pair of wings, the classic fairy costume is a safe choice. The variety of this costume is exactly what makes it a popular choice each year. 



He’s been there and he’s done that. Mr. Worldwide is an easy, fun, costume that can easily be done by a duo or group. Just grab your bald cap and your tux and no matter what- don’t stop the party. 



Who doesn’t love a great group costume? The nostalgia-inducing and recognizable Scooby squad is a perfect choice.


Squid Game

There’s nothing easier than ordering a tracksuit on amazon, which is all you need to do if you want to replicate the mega-popular Netflix show. The easy pop culture reference is great for groups, or, people that want to stay warm and comfortable.    


Wanda Maximoff: 

Everyone remembers the instant hit that WandaVision was. Ever since its debut in January of 2021, the anticipation for all the Wandas this Halloween has been high. 

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