Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Review

Towards the end of her life, starlet Evelyn Hugo reveals the truth behind her infamous seven husbands and at long last responds to the question: “Evelyn, who was your one true love?”

Evelyn’s husbands have been a popular subject of speculation for over fifty years. In her interview, she dissects each relationship with no filter: Ernie, whom she used to secure the spotlight, Don, who abused her both mentally and physically, Max, who could only love the idea of her, and Harry, who treated her like a queen but was simply not the one.

Despite the marketing of it, Reid’s book is really all about Evelyn. Dreadful, complex, and flawless Evelyn. She is an imperfect, intriguing, courageous woman who exhibits pure grit and determination. She is a woman who loves and wishes to be loved. She is the most iconic character I’ve ever read about, and it pains me that she isn’t a real person. 

Evelyn’s story is one that all will sympathize with. It is one about being a woman, being Cuban, and being bisexual in a time when these attributes would subject one to harsh and unfair treatment. It is about concealing your true self and never knowing if you made the right choice. 

The layers of this book are amazing, not to mention the diversity, writing quality, and intricate characters. Taylor Jenkins Reid led me to experience every single stage of grief and concurrently feel every emotion. 

I strongly encourage everyone to read this novel. Walk alongside Evelyn, relish in her happy moments and mourn with her when her world turns upside down. Despise her, praise her, and accept her for the way she is. And most importantly, learn from her story and never hide from the world your true self.

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