AirPods have become a necessity in everyday teen life. You see all kinds of people wearing them, even people with whom you would never otherwise be associated. But there’s one thing that all these unique AirPod-wearing people have in common: They. Are. All. Wearing. Them. Wrong!!!! 


Let me ask you a question: how does one hold a kettlebell? Even if you’re an inexperienced gym-goer, you should know the answer to this question. You hold them with the heavy part facing down. So why would you put an AirPod (a suspiciously kettlebell-shaped object) in your ear with the heavy part facing up? It’s just downright illogical to wear them another way. Another benefit to wearing AirPods upside down (besides proving your general intelligence) is the sound quality. Believe it or not, the AirPods can reach further in your ear meaning the audio is clearer and louder if it is worn upside down. This is perfect for all you people who love blasting music to drown out their disappointments in life.


A beautiful part of life is that everyone is different, and that includes people’s ear shapes. But a shocking fact you might not know is that AirPods were designed to fit into everyone’s ears (http://airpodsunite.org/). You might be wondering how this claim is possible because it is obviously not true; it is hard to imagine AirPods all identical to one another fitting in every individual’s unique ears. But what I say to that is: have you ever put your AirPods in upside down?


“Wait you’re so right, AirPods feel more comfortable upside-down” – Alyssa Daly ‘24. This was the reaction I received from a Vigornia editor when I shared this niche habit of mine.


The first time I wore AirPods upside down was, honestly, done as a joke. I was however flabbergasted to discover the headphones worked better when worn unconventionally. Upside down, AirPods have not only a better sound quality but also a more comfortable feel. I was shocked at this discovery when I decided on a whim one day in the spring to wear them upside down. Since that day, I have worn them upside down each time I find myself listening to music. 


Overall, though airpods upside down is a bit unorthodox, I am proud to be one of the few who decide to wear them upside down. Consider being like me and wearing them upside down, even if just for one day. Happy AirPod-ing!


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