November Crossword: Answer Key

Have no fear! The answers to November’s crossword puzzle are here!


VIGORNIA    WA’s newspaper

MUN         A club with caucuses

MEGARON     Building that used to house a swimming pool

OSKEE       Mascot

LEWIS       First name of Warner’s namesake

CELLPHONE   ___ Hotel/Jail

ZENZONE     Relaxing space on campus

PILLARS     Warner has these, also a leadership group on campus

POPE        Protecting the faith and campus

PORTER      Alum who let “Anything Go”

BOSTON      Last name of the three-time MA Gatorade Player of the Year

CREW        A sport of two seasons

KOTKIN      Bane of Freshmen history

BIOLOGY     Required science class

MOLE        Digging animal and chemistry term

CALLOWAY    Top dog

UNITCIRCLE  The holy scripture of Pre-Calculus

NEPSAC      Champions

PASCAL      A famous triangle

DAVIS       WA’s old castle

PASTA       A Sage staple

ADAMS       Where flags used to fly

QUAD        You cut this

NERDS       A studious vending machine snack

MDCCCXXXIV  Year of WA’s founding in Roman numerals

SCHOOLTIES  Movie filmed on campus

CULTURE     The other half of one of our core values

BARBS       Nicki fans and 9th grade health class

DEXTER      Original land of the vending machines

WALKER      Has a slight tilt

ABERCROMBIE Oldest building on campus (maybe)

AIRPLAY     Display on board

TAPPING     Involves a bell and blazers

ID          “I forgot my ___”

HOCO        First dance

NUMWORKS    Like a TI, but better

DOCS        An essential academic tool

MORSE       Field and code

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