Vanilla. Milk.

Vanilla milk is a largely obscure drink that is considered to be the elixir of the gods by those in the know. It’s a concoction not often well-regarded, but once tasted, lives as a memory rent free in one’s mind. 


February 2022: I first tried vanilla milk in the back of my father’s vehicle. It made me feel supported in a way few things can. It’s a hug in a cardboard box. 


“It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted,” states one WA student, Eleanor Reynolds. 


I agree! It tastes like a bottle of vanilla extract smells. YUMMY YUMMY! 😋



One must ask themselves “why have I not tried this sapid milk blend?”

If one wants to try this blend, they should search in the dairy aisle of their local Shaws. This all begs the question- what makes this better than the other milk options?

The answer to this is nothing. Chocolate milk is so much better tasting and strawberry milk is much more unique. 



But despite this, vanilla milk is still something that you should try as it is fun to drink. Some claim it enhances brain activity and leads to GAINS (where these claims come from I’m unable to say). 


Try vanilla milk to change your life for the better.

“DRINK IT,” endorsed by Ms. Schlesinger.

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