Is The Ice Spice Drink Good?

The short answer to this question is: no. The Ice Spice drink from Dunkin Donuts was at best a 6/10 and that is pushing it.

I love Ice Spice as much as the next girl. 

I have her flag,  follow her on socials, and listen to her music religiously. My best friend who tried the drink with me is an even bigger fan. That being said, when we took the first sip, we were heavily disappointed. The weird sensation of a Slushee-type, pumpkin spice drink was gross enough as it is. The added soggy chunks of the pumpkin munchkins was what made it truly, unbearably sickening. To add to this, we decided to be truly festive and get some pumpkin spice munchkins along with the drink. But apparently, you are only allowed to pick out your munchkin flavours when you go into the store, so we ended up getting an assortment instead. The whole experience left me upset and confused. How can such an icon have such an icky drink? The moral is, if a guy tells you the ice spice drink is good… that Boy’s a liar. I did not enjoy the drink, nor did I munch or crunch.

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