Why Join The Vigornia?


As the year begins and you start your search for extracurricular activities, you should strongly consider joining The Vigornia. The Vigornia is WA’s school newspaper featuring an array of writers who take on stories about issues of every kind. From hot topics like school rules and the dress code to lighthearted stories about music and albums, writers have the opportunity to use and improve their writing skills when they write about essentially anything they want.

Writing Freedom 

The school newspaper can often get the reputation of being a club that only can be beneficial or interesting to students involved with and interested in English. Don’t get me wrong, The Vigornia is a great place for those interested in literature and English, but it can also be an amazing extracurricular activity for those interested in all other kinds of academic studies. Love science? Write about what’s going on in space. Tell us all about Worcester’s ecology. Huge math kid? Write an article about discoveries in the math world. Or maybe talk about pi! Poli sci nerd? Write about what’s going on in local politics. Not big on school at all? Write about your favorite song or TV show. It’s safe to say that the possibilities for writing for The Vigornia are endless; members are awarded significant freedoms in terms of writing and contributions to the newspaper.

Writing Improvement

With this freedom, writers not only are able to dive into the topics that interest them most, but can also improve their writing skills significantly. Writing for something outside of class makes students more critical, practiced, and sophisticated. This experience will undoubtedly show in your academic writing. After all, everyone knows that the more you do something the better you will be at it. On top of creating better writers, joining The Vigornia also will create more confident ones. Creative Writing and AP English Language and Composition teacher Mrs. Thorn says that students who write for an extracurricular publication …”have been impressive writers of essays in class.” Mrs Thorn says “I think [students involved in extracurricular writing] really gained confidence. When you get the wider group you have people coming to you and saying, ‘I really enjoyed what you wrote.’ You think of the audience as the school, and I think your own writing really develops your ability and your confidence in what you can do.”

Writing your College Application

The time you spend as a part of The Vigornia will be equally beneficial to your writing as it is to your college application. When you ask someone about the best clubs to join to impress admissions officers, what you’ll most often hear is “debate team,” “model UN,” and, of course, the “school newspaper.” In a way, the three clubs are a kind of Holy Trinity for admissions. It is an impressive and well-regarded extracurricular, and one fitting for a student attending a college preparatory school like Worcester Academy. There’s a reason why in Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller (who are ambitious, Ivy-league-bound students) are members of their school’s newspaper!

In Conclusion

Overall, joining The Vigornia is a good decision, smart in more ways than one. Members can expect to see improvement in their writing, have fun with what stories they take on, and have a great line on their college application. Not to mention, the Vigornia has an air-conditioned meeting space on only the second floor of its building (Walker 205), unlike unairconditioned clubs like those in Kingsly that require a long walk up or down stairs. Join The Vigornia today!


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