How to Do Amazing at Essays and Exams

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, so too does a massive wave of final exams, essays, projects, and AP tests. And if you don’t know how to handle it, don’t worry! Here are some top tips and tricks, definitely verified by trustworthy people, for how to handle the onslaught of finals.

Time Management

People, especially nowadays, often say that they have trouble with time management. Frequently, this includes issues such as excessive procrastination on assignments, especially if the assignment has multiple stages or is long-term.

Have trouble with this too? The solution is simple, though maybe cliche. Just break the assignment down into smaller and smaller chunks until each chunk is manageable for you. Then, take time to finish each of those chunks one by one.

For example, if I have an essay, I break it up into small and simple chunks, and attack it from there. After spending an hour and a half coming up with a title for the essay, I take a well-deserved three hour break (sometimes even unintentionally!) to reward myself for my productivity and hard work. As you can see, by doing this you too will be able to manage your time effortlessly, and previously daunting tasks will become pushovers.


Usually, exams require studying and reviewing a lot of material, often starting from the beginning of the school year. All of this may seem overwhelming, and it may seem like it’ll take up a ton of time, but no worries! Here’s a quicker and easier way that achieves practically the same results.

Since starting to review old material days or weeks in advance will take a long time, chances are that you’ll forget all the things you looked at earlier on by the time the day of your test rolls around (and studying like that is for losers anyway). To get around this, just wait until the night (or morning, if you’re feeling brave) before your test to start reviewing.

When you start, sit down and spend a few hours cramming as much information into your head as you possibly can. When you take the actual test shortly afterwards, all of this information will still be fresh in your mind, guaranteeing you a high grade. You don’t need to worry about any fatigue from sleep deprivation resulting from doing this, as you really ought to be used to that by now. You’re not? Weak.

Taking Breaks

Studies have shown that taking breaks during studying leads to overall higher productivity and less stress. So go ahead, take as many breaks as you want! Make them as long as you want, too! It’s healthy and good for you…or something. And if the thought of taking a test or getting a bad grade makes you stressed, this can be dealt with easily as well. To remove the stress, remove the source of stress. That’s right, take more breaks! Deadline rapidly approaching and you don’t have any of your work done? That stresses you out, right? Take more breaks! It’s not being unproductive if it’s self-care!

Screen Addictions: How to Manage Them?

Do you have a screen addiction problem? Need a way to break it so you can study or get your work done without distractions? No problem! There’s an easy, efficient, and reliable way to do it. Just open up whatever website or app you’re addicted to and use it nonstop until you’re completely burned out. If you start getting sucked into another website or app, then use that one until you’re burned out on it, too. Then, you can continue and be productive without it getting in the way! This works. Trust me.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s an essay, exam, or plain old ordinary homework assignment, just don’t worry about it!


*Note: this article is satirical and definitely not meant to be taken as actual studying advice. Please consult the many resources available to you at WA if you want real study tips!

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