The Crocs Comeback

The  unique rubber shoes known as Crocs have made somewhat of a comeback over the past two years.

Founded in 2002 in Boulder Colorado, Crocs continue to leave a mark on the fashion world. Functional and somewhat stylish, the multi-purpose shoes/sandals/slides come in twenty “original” colors but are not limited to just a plain pattern. Tie-dye, zebra, and “Lightning McQueen” are just a few of the more intricate designs that Crocs has made over the years.

The shoes are functional for all types of activities and have an adventure strap for when you decide to “off-road it.” Not only can you pick the color and/or design of your Crocs, the company has made it so that you can customize them to your own personal interests. “Jibbitz” are small inserts that you can place on your crocs. Each individual jibbit can represent a favorite food, sport, hobby, character, or things, while bringing spunk to your shoe. 

During the summer of 2019, more commonly known as the ‘VSCO-girl era,’ the comeback of the Crocs was an event that no one missed. It seemed every teen in sight had bought a new pair of Crocs, and this newfound popularity caused a major surge in sales for the company. 

It was rumored in early 2019 that the company had plans to close due to the loss in popularity; however, this is no longer the case. Just in the past year, Crocs sales rose 64% to about 460 million dollars in the first quarter of the year.

Even popular celebrities, like rapper and pop artist Post Malone, have partnered with Crocs. In 2018, Post Malone designed his own pair of Crocs. Other artists like Justin Bieber and Bad Bunny created shoes with Crocs which sold out within minutes. With all this new popularity, Crocs continue to stay at the top of the shoe game. 


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