Clouds Review

We’ll get right to it: from the first scene to the last, Clouds is a sad movie. Released on Disney + on October 16, 2020, Clouds runs just over two hours and features Fin Argus (Zach), Sabrina Carpenter (Sammy) and Madison Iseman (Amy). The movie is based on a true story. Zach’s character passed away from cancer right before his high school graduation, and the film explores how he and those close to him deal with his illness and death.

Zach is from Minnesota where he lived with his parents and three sisters. Throughout his life he deals with having cancer. Before his first date with Amy, he felt ill and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor told him that there is nothing to stop the cancer. Imagine: being in your senior year of high school being told you most likely won’t be alive for your high school graduation.

But the diagnosis didn’t stop Zach in trying to accomplish his dream of releasing a hit song. He and his best friend, Sammy, wrote a song together called “Clouds,” which was released on YouTube. A teacher, Milton Weaver, who was fond of Zach, had Broadcast Music Inc. sign Zach and Sammy. Their song was on the radio and they performed live. Also, they were on many talk shows.

Zach became sicker by the minute, which meant that he wasn’t going to survive to be at his prom. So his parents with the help of others held a live concert as well as prom all at the same time. While Zach was performing he wasn’t able to speak clearly, so the audience sang along with him. It was a meaningful and very sad moment, because people were able to see the impact that Zach had on them. The real-life Zach passed away on May 20th, 2013 at 18 years old.

Although the movie is sad, it allows the audience to reflect on what they have in life. People often look at what they don’t have. The movie is a reminder to be more grateful to the many things we have in life, by looking at the positive things more often and not the negative things. Another message that the movie has is even when the going gets tough do your best in accomplishing dreams you have. 

You should definitely watch the movie as well as listen to Zach’s song!

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