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The Best Hilltopper Cafe Smoothie Is…

Day after day, we watch as students stare longingly at the lengthy list of fruity blended beverages offered at the Hilltopper Cafe, but find themselves resorting back to the same old repetitious choices. Want to try something new but are scared of taking that leap of faith? Fear not, as we have ranked every smoothie at the Hilltopper Cafe (so you don’t have to)!


  1. Four Point Oh (banana, yogurt) – There’s not much to this one, just plain banana. If you’re a full blown banana lover, this one’s all for you, but for the rest of us… there are some better options out there. It doesn’t really make you…bananas.


  1. Oskee Delight (strawberry, banana) – The strawberry/banana flavor combination is a classic, but to be perfectly honest, it’s a little boring. Not a bad choice, but nothing particularly special.


  1. Skippin’ Class (strawberry, banana, yogurt) – This one’s pretty close to the Oskee Delight, but the yogurt elevates it a bit!


  1. Straight “A” (strawberry, yogurt) – This smoothie takes the best element of Skippin’ Class and lets it shine solo. More refreshing than the banana based ones, and pretty tasty.


  1. Brain Freeze (strawberry, mango, yogurt) – Strawberry and mango… what’s not to like? Very pleasant, but it’s a little too sweet in comparison to some other options on the menu.


  1. Like, Seriously (wildberry, yogurt) – With a flavor hard to really pinpoint, it’s hard to give a reason for why this one’s so darn good! Guess you’re going to have to trust us on this one. A pleasant surprise!


  1. Mango Colada (mango, piña colada) – Pina colada gives the Mango Colada a tropical kick to an already great flavor. It’s refreshing, it’s cool, it’s sweet. So experiment a little, and give this one a try.


  1. Spring Break (mango, yogurt) – Simply delicious. With a sweet (and a little tart) mango flavor, this one is straight up addictive! If you haven’t tried it, you are absolutely missing out.


  1. Hilltop Sunrise (strawberry, mango) – That’s right! The Hilltop Sunrise is the way to go! The cafe’s best and brightest flavors combined in a beautiful and tasty smoothie (with a great aesthetic). Now get over to the cafe and order one tall glass of this beauty!


To be perfectly honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the Hilltopper smoothies, but the point is, you won’t know which one truly is the best until you’ve tried them all!

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