How to Get to Campus in Winter

Drive safe & keep your cool!

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Olivia Johnston '18, Staff Writer

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Warm it up

Start your car a few minutes earlier in the morning: let it warm up before you start driving. 

Take your time

Give yourself more time to get places: slipperier roads means you need to drive slower and take wider turns to stay safe. 

Know your choices

Plot alternative routes to your destination that avoid large hills. Not so easy when approaching the WA campus, but take your time and plan the safest route possible.

Don’t panic

Know what to do if you skid: steer gently in the direction of the skid. Just in case, know how to use the emergency brake: when applying the emergency brake use the pedal brake, put the car in park, and then put on the emergency brake. When releasing the emergency brake do these steps in opposite order.

Be prepared

Keep an ice scraper, emergency kit, jumper cables, and an extra jacket in your car. Use sunglasses to block out glare from the snow: snow is a bright, reflective surface. Put the number of a road side assistance company in your phone. Also, read your car’s manual to know what each dash lights is indicating: if your car is telling you something is wrong, try to understand what it is and why it’s happening. You should know where the nearby gas stations are: keep your car several gallons above empty at all times during the cold weather.

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How to Get to Campus in Winter