2018 Annual Fall Concert – A Display for the Arts

On Sunday, October 28, Worcester Academy students and parents gathered for an outstanding performance featuring recitals of vocalist, instrumentalists, and other ensemble groups.

Attendees congregated at Warner Theater at 7 PM for a program of jazz combo, ensemble singing, academy singers, concert chorale, combined chorus, and the instrumental ensemble. Students prepared these songs and pieces during their respective semester electives and courses.

The performers, along with choral conductor Mr. Irving and instrumentalist conductor Mr. Vaudreuil, produced a concert that impressed the crowd with a program featuring music such as Night on Bald Mountain (by Modest Mussorgsky, a Halloween-themed piece), and nonsecular pieces like Sing a New Song (by Michael Haydn) and Chorale Vigiles et Sancti (by J.S. Bach).

Gaurav Savant, sophomore and clarinetist, performed in the instrumental ensemble and describes the concert as “a milestone for his work as a musician.”

“The performance phase felt satisfying because we had worked on the pieces for a while and it felt good to showcase our work,” Gaurav said. He also described the performance as an opportunity to display the wide range of artistry in the student body: “[The concert also] showcased the talent that students at school have and presented it to parents as a representation of their ability.”

Junior Nick Manz is a trumpet player who is a part of the jazz combo and instrumental ensemble. He claimed the concert was a more enjoyable experience than anything else: “It meant a lot when we showed off at the concert. The most enjoyable part is that we can share the story of music through each piece we play.”

Undoubtedly, the audience felt the presence of the stories conveyed by the music. They showed their appreciation for another great display of Worcester Academy’s artistic talent, through thunderous rounds of applause.

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