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WA Morning Meetings

A new opportunity for the development of community at Worcester Academy has emerged in the form of a new school wide program – morning meetings.

Last year the entire student body only met for one weekly assembly and advisory, but this led to a lack of formal all-school conferences. In response, the current 2018 – 2019 year has introduced this new addition to the school wide schedule, promoting an effective environment for communication and communal purposes.

Held twice a week, these 20-minute long assemblies serve as a time for scheduling and announcements. Upcoming events are broadcasted, school wide accomplishments are recognized, and all voices are heard through the open mic forum.

Ian Gachunga, junior and Board of Monitors member, talks about a time for change involving the limited power of the student voice: “It’s a time for people to say what they want to the school,” Gachunga said. “In a way [the open mic] brings a good mood to the community.” He expressed that the addition of the morning meeting fulfills this need for change: “Morning meetings bring the community together in the sense that everyone no matter teacher or student can actually get their voices heard.” Ian also feels that this year there has been a stronger bond between middle schoolers and upper schoolers and he claims this is owed Monday’s all-school morning meeting.

Others view the weekly assemblies as an opportunity for consultation between both students and faculty.

“Morning meetings allow the whole community to get together and participate in events and discussions as a whole,” said freshman Jillian Miu. Jillian said she believes morning meetings act as an important symposium for organizational purposes, such that “the whole school is on the same page.”

Chris MacLean, a sophomore, opened up about the meetings’ potential need for improvement. “Organization,” MacLean said, in response to certain aspects of the program that have not been up to par. “It just seems kind of thrown together.” MacLean added that he observed many individuals to be quite unenthusiastic of the school hymn, noting that aspect as a target for amelioration.

Nonetheless, MacLean relishes the morning meeting as a time in the day of gathering for all members of Worcester Academy.

“[My favorite part of it is] coming together as a group, and getting to see everyone.”

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