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Bay State Right Shawarma: Worcester’s Hidden Gem

Photographer Katie Gaudet and I recently visited Bay State Shawarma to talk to Hamad and try out some new food. The meal came out fairly quickly (within 10 to 15 minutes) and while you wait you can check out the market and bakery behind the restaurant which has a variety of middle eastern snacks, groceries, and teas. For our appetizer, we tried some savory hummus with pita bread. The main dish was chicken shawarma, the most popular dish among Worcester locals that Hamad recommends all first-timers to try. Shawarma is a middle eastern dish comprised of roasted meat (typically lamb, chicken, or beef) in a wrap or on a rice plate. In addition to the chicken, the wrap also consisted of tomatoes, pink radish, and pickles, which added a tart crunchiness. The highlight of the shawarma was the garlic sauce that added a subtle burst of flavor and tied all the ingredients together. We finished the meal with some baklava! Honey spilled out as we cut into the crispy and sweet dessert. In addition to the delicious food, Bay State Shawarma offers generous serving sizes and is reasonably priced. This is the perfect dining spot for anyone in the Worcester community looking to broaden their culinary horizons!


To find out more about Bay State Shawarma visit their website:

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  1. Melissa Hutchins Melissa Hutchins November 6, 2018

    The Center for Learning often chooses to purchase take out from this Shawarma restaurant when we do department lunches. We love the fast service, generous portions, and delicious food. Can’t get enough of that garlic sauce!

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