WA’s 2018 Earth Day Celebration!

Grace Robinson '20, Vigornia Staff Writer

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On this year’s Worcester Academy Earth Day celebration, classes were shortened to 50 minutes to accommodate the exciting day ahead. After lunch, all students and faculty participated in two workshops and a fair on the quad. The workshop topics varied from food waste and sustainable energy to discovering your carbon footprint. The day was designed as a way for both students and faculty to express their concerns about the environment.

Students scheduled their workshops the day before the Earth Day celebration, selecting topics that interested them. Workshops were run by people knowledgeable and passionate about their topic. Mrs. Glassmire, the leader of Earth Friendly Art & The Effects of Toxic Paint, chose her topic because she is an artist she wanted to share ideas about “natural alternatives” in the painting world. In addition to workshops, each grade got a chance to enjoy a fair on the quad. There were many different activities, including frisbee, environment prayer cloths representing our community’s future wishes for the earth, tightrope walking, engaging poster puzzles, and a station where students got to take home plants in decomposable egg cartons. The time on the quad allowed the WA community to not only enjoy nature, but each other. After enduring a LONG winter, everyone seemed to enjoy being out on the quad again.

Many students and faculty worked hard to plan this day in hopes that they would spark interest in peers. Naomi Dyer (‘20) joined the green team this fall during Clubs Fair. “I didn’t know much about the environment” she said, “now I’m passionate about it!”  Many Hilltoppers believe that if people were educated about the environment, they would be more inclined to make a change in their lives for the better. Grace Rade (‘20) has already made changes to her lifestyle choices, including trying “to use less paper” and “eat less red meat” while generally trying to be “more environmentally cautious.” It’s safe to say that the Earth Month Celebrations made a lasting impact on the WA community!