NFL (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift—the global superstar dominating the charts, selling out stadium tours, and now…the NFL? Her high-profile relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight-end Travis Kelce has taken the internet by storm, not only for their public adoration for each other but also for the major economic and fanbase benefits for the NFL. Swift’s attendance at multiple games has not only garnered millions of viewers but has also cashed in big bucks for the NFL (a reported $331 million, to be exact). During the early stages of her career and entrance to the mainstream, some stated that Swift helped put country music on the map. Is she doing the same with football?

The NFL has taken advantage of Swift’s football-related influence on her fans, using Swift-related content to boost their viewership and fandom. For instance, the NFL’s Twitter was recently scrutinized for their inclusion of Taylor Swift in their bio, written as “NFL (Taylor’s Version).” Although the league quickly changed the phrase to appease outraged fans, the NFL clearly understands Swift’s takeover of the football industry…but do the fans agree?

It is quite understandable for Swift’s presence to enrage football fans, as most are concerned with the pop star distracting viewers from the prowess of the hardworking teams and the sport itself. Swift herself responded to the discourse of fans’ reactions to her growing football popularity, stating, “I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and pissing off a few dads, Brads, and Chads.” While certainly iconic, Swift highlights how the NFL’s inclusion of her appearances at various games is unbeknownst to her. She also demonstrates how her position as a public figure masks her true goals of attending these football games: to have fun and support her beau.

For those who are unaware, the Pennsylvania native has shown her affinity for football in the past, as her father Scott K. Swift is a Philadelphia Eagles fan and played college ‘ball. All football fans can understand the appeal of the sport, as I have become intrigued by the sport after viewing the Patriots vs. Chiefs game (yes, because Taylor Swift was there). Although Swift’s presence can be seen as clouding the true meaning of the game, her contributions could be spectacular to the prosperity of football. Swifties, including myself, have begun to watch these games and appreciate the dynamics of the sport, which could lead to the ultimate strength of football fan bases everywhere. 

Although Swift’s presence has shown to be some type of distraction, the Chiefs have certainly embraced the singer’s place in their on-field expertise, winning the Super Bowl two consecutive years in a row. Swift’s appearance at the match, especially her post-game PDA with Travis Kelce, displayed the love and undeniable support the couple has for each other. As a certified Swiftie, I am looking forward to this Traylor relationship; I think he could be “the 1”!

Take it from Taylor herself: “There ain’t no ‘I’ in team!” (or was that Kanye?)


*This article is satirical. It’s not that serious, buddy*


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