LANCE: 63 Years of Excellence in Writing & Art

What is Lance

Lance is WA’s award-winning literary and arts magazine. The editors of Lance have been collecting upper-school student and staff artwork, photography, poetry, stories, and more to create our yearly issue. Every May, you can find new copies of our magazine distributed to common spaces all across campus. Please read them and take them home! They are free and we encourage you to share them with your families. You can also access older editions in the library which are shelved with the yearbooks in the lower level.

How can I submit to Lance

If you have a piece of artwork or writing that you would like to share with us, please consider submitting it to our magazine! Check out the MyHilltop resources page, and scroll to the bottom to find the application to our Google form. Or use this link: Lance Submission Form It’s that easy! And don’t worry if you don’t have a title, we can offer ideas. All upper school students are encouraged to submit, as well as faculty and staff members too. To get your work entered into the 2024 edition of Lance, please get your submissions to us by January 29 at noon. We can’t wait to feature your work in our next issue!

Why should YOU submit to Lance

Lance is an excellent way to share your creative work with the Worcester Academy community. It could be a great way to springboard your career in art and writing or to just showcase a cool photo you took. Having your work published in a physical book is such a special way to remember your days at WA. Become a part of our school’s history, like so many students have since 1961. 

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