Brief Rundown of my Core-Four Worcester Shopping Locations

During the holiday season, shopping is at its peak. I love shopping for my friends and family this time of year and try to aim to do so as locally as possible. Shopping locally gives a gift the sense of being more personal and thoughtful, and, as we all know, shopping locally is an important effort to make. Worcester has a vast collection of shops at which you can buy gifts for the holidays, and here are my personal favorites that I recommend you make a trip to: 

Root and press:

Root and Press is my go-to bookstore. It carries a selection of many great books, has some lovely staff who are always at the ready to assist customers, offers some beautiful stationery, and, my favorite of all, features a fantastic cafe that has some delicious food and drinks. 

Shopping at Root and Press is a guaranteed satisfactory experience. If you want to read, get a book. If you want to eat, get some good food. The menu of their cafe even has many options to choose from that are as delicious as the rest of their food. 

So, if you find yourself in the Tatnuck area, consider taking a trip over to (in my opinion) Worcester’s best bookstore cafe, and stop in to grab some food or a gift this holiday season. 

CC Lowell: 

If you have an artist in your life you’d like to get something meaningful for, CC Lowellis the place for you. Right off of Park Ave, CC Lowell is an arts and crafts store with a selection of just about every material you could imagine. 

The store is quite big and offers a great selection of giftable items you can give to any art lovers you know. Whether they are experienced or new, CC Lowell is sure to have something any artist would want, so it is very much worth taking a look there for the holidays.

Bellingham Book Sellers: 

Another bookstore/cafe, Bellingham Booksellers is a beautiful place that carries a vast selection of books both new and used. They have books of every genre, even carrying books in other languages I don’t think you could find anywhere else. I know that I have purchased many books here that I haven’t seen elsewhere, among them including a French novel, an entire book trilogy (for half the price), as well as others. 

I am sad to say that I have not been able to get anything from the cafe yet, but it looks very interesting. I believe that their menu’s items are named after famous authors and novels, and I can confidently say that the food there surely looks delicious, and I hope that I’ll be able to make my way there soon. 

Seed to stem: 

Seed to Stem is probably the most beautiful store I’ve ever stepped foot in. The store has countless items that are completely giftable, including candles, plants, crystals, and much more. Simply browsing in this store is a great experience; it has a fantastic layout unlike any other store I’ve come across in the past. Shopping here, you are sure to find something among the many products they carry that you can give to someone as a gift this year.Overall, Worcester has several fantastic shopping locations where you are sure to find something to gift to someone you love this time of year! Happy Holidays!

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