WandaVision Review

Let me just say: WOW! What an ending to an amazing series created by Marvel. WandaVision aired its first two episodes on January 15th, 2021. People who have been watching know the beginning can be difficult to get through, but Marvel always has a reason for how things are filmed.

WandaVision is more of a prequel to what will happen later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show had a total of 9 episodes, and the last two episodes have must-watch end-credit scenes. Wanda is played by Elizabeth Olsen, while Vision is played by Paul Bettany. They do an incredible job playing their roles. There are many new and recurring characters in the show that include Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis, Agatha Harkness, Tommy, and Billy. 

The basis of the show is that Wanda creates her own sitcom where she controls how people think as well as what they do. No one is able to enter into “the hex” unless she wants them to. There are many questions that the audience will ask. Some of which consist of someone in the show saying “Wanda” from a radio or the idea of someone supposedly “dead” being resurrected with a new face.

Wanda has undergone so much pain from the moment her parents died to Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War. In the show people are happy after Avengers: Endgame, because loved ones are brought back from the blip. However, all the people that were close to Wanda have died, so she has an immense feeling of sadness. All she wants is for Vision to be alive again, so through her powers she creates her own world (sit-com show), where Vision is alive. She creates her own happiness, but in the process is hurting others without intending to. 

Wanda starts to understand who she is as well as her power more. But will she know how to control the power of the Scarlet Witch (Wanda’s superhero name)?

The show takes place chronologically right after Avengers: Endgame, but before Spiderman: Far From Home. Marvel has different Phases, which consist of a set of movies and TV shows. WandaVision sets Phase 4 for the MCU up really well. The next thing to be looking forward to is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which air March 19th, 2021. There will be a total of 6 episodes. Join Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (the Winter Soldier) on their journey!

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