COVID-19 Changes WA Athletics

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Worcester Academy students and teachers have had to make adjustments to classes and learning. But what about sports?

The Vigornia spoke with Mr. Edward Reilly, Worcester Academy’s Athletic Director, who answered some of the most pressing questions about this season’s athletic program and schedule.

Will student athletes have to wear masks? 

Yes, students will have to wear proper face coverings during practices and games.

How will handling of balls and equipment (i.e., footballs, volleyballs, basketballs, nets, etc.) work?

Balls will be washed and sanitized frequently and will be limited in scope per mass modification.

Will there be any social distancing? Will body contact be permitted?

There will be a maintaining space of six feet between athletes, and deliberate contact is to be avoided; intermittent contact, while possible, is discouraged.

Will contests mostly be limited to team scrimmages, or will there be interscholastic contests as well?

Intra-squad scrimmages will hopefully be our initial foray into Phase 3, Step 1, Level 2. If games are played at all, they will be played with modifications in place.

Will people be able to attend games, and if so, will there be limits?

Indoor limitations require allowing only 40% of building capacity as spectators. Outdoor spectators must maintain six feet of social distancing and wear facial coverings.

Are there any plans for next season (winter)?

We are currently awaiting state guidelines for Winter sports.

Hopefully, we can start jumping into another excellent season of Worcester Academy sports with these answers, taking into account the developing situation. Ensuring safe and following these guidelines can help the hope of future games and loosened restrictions.

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