Hispanic Heritage Month at WA

Do you know what Hispanic Heritage month is? 

From September 15th to October 15th, the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage and the contributions of Hispanic-American people to the nation. In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson permitted a week of celebration; in 1988, President Ronald Reagan decided to lengthen the celebration to a month due to an uptick in Hispanic people immigrating to the United States.

The change from a week to a month of celebration shows that Hispanics are a major part of our national community. It’s a time for Hispanics to feel proud of where they came from and to express their inner Latino or Latina self.

Hispanics immigrate to the United States because they know that it is the land of opportunity. When immigrating, their mindset is often to be successful for future generations. Hispanic immigrants bring great contributions to the United States. 

How is Hispanic Heritage month being celebrated within Worcester Academy?

The Organization of Latinx American Students (OLAS) at Worcester Academy has been doing a phenomenal job in setting up multiple virtual events to show the value hispanics are to the United States.

There are two movie night showings. One was “Spare Parts,” starring George Lopez. The other is “Selena,” starring Jennifer Lopez. There was a speaker, Maria Rivera-Cotto, who is a local lawyer and activist. Lastly, there is a virtual dance class, being held by Ritmos Academy, taught by Massy Paulino. OLAS put a lot of thought into planning what events best represent this celebration of Hispanic Heritage month for the Worcester Academy community. 


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