Wellness Day 2020

Another relaxing Wellness Day is in the bag for the Worcester Academy community. With only two classes instead of four, lots of stress was already released from students’ shoulders, which helps them get into the calm state that Wellness Day is supposed to represent.

Wellness Day can mean a lot of things to different people. Emma Macintire, a student from the class of 2022, says that “Wellness Day pulls me away from school and let’s me learn more about myself and my world around me”. She also says that “It’s a break from everything that’s going on and I can focus on myself and other’s well being”. A junior who would like to stay anonymous says Wellness Day allows her to “take the time to focus more on mental health” and it gives her a day to destress. 

There were also a variety of workshops and things to do throughout the day. After the two classes, there were therapy animals, including cute baby bunnies and puppies, and massages available. Some grades had lunch while the other grades had a keynote speaker and then they switched off.

The keynote speaker was a hypnotist, who made us laugh and see the effects of hypnotism. Some of the workshops include step dancing and essential oils. In the essential oil workshop, students got to learn about the different essential oils and how they can help the mind. For example, lavender, a very common essential oil is used to treat insomnia, anxiety and depression. There was also step dancing, which as the anonymous junior said “was  definitely out of my comfort zone but I had some of my friends in the workshop with me and it was a really good bonding experience for those people”.

Overall, Wellness Day was a fun and relaxed filled day that allowed students to have a break from their everyday lives. 

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