Officiating in the NFL

Has bad officiating ever ruined your NFL teams chance to win a game? NFL referees have faced a lot of criticism over the decades, but over the years, the referees have been able to use instant replay in order to look back at these plays when they are too hard for the human eye to tell what the correct call is.

Unfortunately, instant replay has not solved all the officiating problems. One example was in the New England Patriots’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this season; N’Keal Harry was marked out of bounds on a catch and run that would have scored a touchdown, but he was marked 3 yards short of the goal line because an official said he had stepped out of bounds.

 The New England Patriots used all their challenges so the play was unable to be reviewed. If the official did not miss his foot being in bounds the New England Patriots could have potentially won that game. Hopefully officiating does not continue to spiral in a negative direction in the future.

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