Thanksgiving Reflections

Rose Warfield

As we transition from Spooky Season to Turkey Time, the buzz of the upcoming holidays fills the air at Worcester Academy. Students are anticipating the festivities of football and food yet to come, the teachers are loading everyone up with homework, and everyone is anxious for a break.

The excitement can overwhelm many of us, leaving us cranky, extra tired, and longing even more for that break. However, now is the perfect time to reflect on all of the blessings we experience on a day-to-day basis. So, just take a moment to sit back, relax, and take a deep breath. While you are reading this Thanksgiving Reflection, get nice and comfortable in a favorite nook or calm space. Appreciate your surroundings. Grab some tea or turn on some soothing music of your choice. Do something for yourself that makes you happy, that allows YOU to feel at peace. Now, let’s begin.


Nestled deeply in the heart of all humans,

A warm light travels through the tips of their toes

To the gentle lilt of their breath.

You experience this sensation,

Of cold,

Of heat,

Of being alive.

You are alive,

Able to experience all of the joys and wonders of the world,

Seize this moment,

Live for this moment,

Of peace, joy, and comfort.


You find yourself in a cottage,

Tucked away in a gloriously lit forest

Surrounded by a babbling brook 

And the brief glimpse of wildlife.

Inside the cottage is a deep brown wooden cabinet,

Embellished with scenes from fairytales,

Opening up a drawer 

With a bronze handle shaped like the moon,

You discover a notebook,

Covering in mysterious drawings that only you can recognize.

The notebook is already filled,

However, the pages appear blank to you.


Without meaning,

How you feel in the depths of winter,

When you are left to your own devices.

Shedding a single tear,

You throw the notebook on the ground,

Unable to see what is plain and clear in front of you.


Returning to the real world,

The one separate from your dreams,

You struggle through the day,

Eyes drooping with exhaustion,

Ready for a nap.

Piles of homework await your return home,

And sports demand your body’s attention,

Tugging at your muscles like your heartstrings.

After everything is over,

The class,

The practice, 

The work,

The car ride home,

You fall into bed


Before drifting off, 

You check your phone at the news

And are shocked,


At what you see.

Another massacre,

Another political rally,

Another five hundred dead in war. 

This makes you think about all,

All of the things you cherish in your life,

Whatever it may be,

And you could lose these things at any moment,

So you hold on tight to them now,






When you fall asleep, 

You approach the cabin once more,

The notebook still where you left it,

But now, 

Everything has changed,

You can see the notebook’s designs

Filling each page.

And every single page

Is filled with what you’re thankful for.


Please take this moment to reflect upon the things you are thankful for. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Peace and gratitude to all!