The Latinx Community at WA

The Latinx community is a group of people who identify themselves as Latin American. 

There is an affinity group on campus known as Nuestra Voz. Nuestra Voz is a safe spot for all Latinx people that feel the need to express themselves and share what is going on within the Latinx community around or outside of WA. It’s also a chance to meet other people that identify themselves as Latinx. Currently, there are only four members of Nuestra Voz. 

There aren’t many opportunities that allow people who identify as Latinx to be able to express themselves. Keyshla Lorenzo, one of the leaders of Nuestra Voz, says, “I don’t really see WA make an effort to make the Latinx community known. Maybe on Diversity Day and the affinity group, but that’s about it.” 

Keyshla believes that ways to make the Latinx community within WA better known are to add “More events, or even posters or flyers, something to make other people know we exist.”

“8.42% of the world and 58.9 million people in America identify as Latinx, yet there isn’t much information on it at WA, and I don’t think that is fair. Everyone should have their culture and heritage known,” Keyshla says.

Nuestra Voz is planning on bringing in more members by creating a Latinx food social party in December. To me, a person who identifies as a member of the Latinx community, a Latinx person is always happy, having fun, dancing whenever they have a chance, singing, loving, and trying to live their best lives.

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