The Marvelous Ms. Huff


Ms. Dana Huff

Aidan Busconi

Ms.Huff, an eight-year veteran at Worcester Academy, was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. At the age of fourteen, her family moved St.Louis. Staying there for three months, her family then moved to Anaheim, California until halfway through her junior year of high school, when they moved to Georgia. After high school, Ms. Huff went to The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Inspired by her 1st-grade teacher, Ms. Jones, she majored in English and Education. Besides academics, Ms.Huff was involved in the Literary Magazine where she was one of the editors.  

Her first job was teaching at a public school in Twiggs County, Georgia. She taught both middle and high school. Ms.Huff then started a new job teaching back at her old high school. It took a lot of adjusting as her teachers were now her colleagues. She taught there for three years until getting a job in Gainesville, Georgia, and teaching Pre-K for a year. Instantly she knew that Pre-K was not the grade for her as the four-year-olds would always tell on each other. After this, she began teaching at a Jewish school in Atlanta.

 Ms.Huff found Worcester Academy through a recruiting service and came in as a professional in learning developing, teaching teachers about innovative technology. Coming to Worcester Academy in 2012, she was also asked to teach English. Her first year, she taught one class of grade ten. Her second year, she taught two classes of grade ten, and in the third year, she became department head and has been ever since. At Worcester Academy, she is also involved as an Advisor of the GSA. Ms.Huff says she “loves working with every teacher at the school as they all bring in their own perspectives.” Ms. Huff also loves the community at Worcester Academy, and says, “it feels like a big family.” Finally, she adores how much the students are genuinely invested in learning and so interested.

 Ms. Huff got married in 2000 to her husband, Steve Huff. She has three kids. Sarah, who is the oldest, is twenty-six and has a chemistry degree and wants to become a pharmacist. Her middle daughter is Maggie, who is eighteen and a freshman at Quinsigamond Community College, and finally, her youngest is Dylan, a junior at Burncoat High School in Worcester.

 Out of school, you can find Ms.Huff reading or working on her grad school work to get her Doctorate in Education at Northeastern University. But her favorite outside of school activity is volunteering at Safe Homes in Worcester. Safe Homes is an LGBTQIA+ center in Worcester that provides safe and supportive services to LQBTQIA+ youth. Ms.Huff enjoys going down to the local home in Worcester and volunteering every Thursday.


I have been fortunate to have had Ms.Huff during my freshman year, and now my senior year. One thing that strikes me the most about Ms.Huff is her ability to be able to honestly bring the class together in ways that other teachers cannot. She is not only knowledgeable but a teacher that you can feel comfortable coming to for questions about almost anything. She is hardworking in what she does and is respected by everyone in the community. Her thoughtful feedback on assignments not only helps you to become a better student but allow you to grow and develop as a reader and writer. She is a teacher that I hope everyone can experience in their time at Worcester Academy.