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Perfect Weather, Great Views at WA’s Annual Mountain Day

Every year before or shortly after the opening of school, Worcester Academy Students come together to hike Mt. Wachusett. This tradition is older than many of us, and every year students, faculty, and employees look forward to it.

According to the Dean of Student Life, Mr. Sumner, hiking Mt. Wachusett together is meant to give students a sense of community and bring us closer together. Additionally, it gives students a chance to meet new friends. For many of us, the first time meeting many of the postgrads and new transfer students is while hiking the mountain.

This year’s Mountain Day was postponed until the last Friday in September, rather than the first day of school. This was partially to accommodate other activities near the opening of school, and partially to allow for cooler temperatures. 

Many students have similar reviews of mountain day to Mr. Sumner. Senior Nikki Blum, who took the bus up because of a hip injury, was devastated she could not join her classmates in the hike, saying, “I feel it is a great way for the Worcester Academy community to come together and help each other through the challenge of climbing a mountain.” Senior Joe Gow also shared the same positive reviews of mountain day. When asked if there’s anything he would like to change about mountain day, he said “no, I had a great time enjoying nature and meeting new friends.”

Hopefully mountain day continues to receive this kind of praise from the future generations of Hilltoppers.

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