Hilltopper of the Week: Nikki Blum ’20

Hilltopper of the Week: Nikki Blum '20

Aidan Busconi, Editor

Name: Nikki Blum 

Grade: Senior

How Long She Has Been at WA: Nikki is a lifer and been here since 6th grade.

Activities she is involved in at WA: Yearbook club, Ambassadors, Managing Boys Varsity Basketball, Newman Society, Knitting club, and Catching Cancer Club.

Outside of School Activities: Volunteers with her mother, likes yoga and has a part-time job working at the local Price Chopper.

Favorite Part about WA: She says WA is a “ community place where everyone can share their opinions and not be judged; it is also an outstanding school for collaborative learning and hands-on learning.” 

Favorite Role Model at WA: “Ms. Drury is my role model at WA because she is always happy and has a very positive outlook on life, which makes me want to learn and work harder.” 

An Account from One of Nikki’s Friends: “Nikki always makes me feel better in any situation and always knows what to say when I am upset.” -Laura Herrman