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Aidan Ormsby: the Wrestling Team

The wrestling team this winter season features Aidan Ormsby as their fearless captain. As a senior, Aidan’s has been viewed as a wrestling veteran by his peers; he has established the leadership and skill required for his position as captain.

In an interview with The Vigornia Aidan describes his role for the overall success of the team as a both humbling and important one: “As a captain, I try to lead by setting an example,” Aidan says. “Keeping a team motivated and in good morale, I think, is a captain’s most important job.”

Aidan applauds the success of his team, but still believes there is much room for improvement: “The team is doing well, but we’re young. We have a lot of underclassmen, so it’s a learning process,” Aidan claims. “Because the team is young, learning the sport is a big part of practice. So, in addition to being a captain I also have to work with the more experienced wrestlers in helping the younger athletes.”

The captain’s motto for his teammates is simple: “Especially with wrestling as a sport, hard work is the single most important thing,” Aidan emphasizes. “I try to show this through working hard myself, and always putting in the effort in and out of practice.”

Aidan says he has good reason to be proud of his peers: “Our team record doesn’t really reflect how much work and energy everybody is putting in. I like the old quote that ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’”. The team will participate in numerous upcoming tournaments, and Aidan hopes to see progress translate into wins and place finishes.

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