Boys Varsity Basketball Preview


Head Coach Jamie Sullivan: “Six guys returning on three years, we have a good opportunity to make some noise in the league”.

Mitra Asdigha, Writer

As fall sports come to an end, Worcester Academy’s winter sports turn into full gear. An exciting to watch, and highly experienced Varsity Boys Basketball team are preparing for their tough schedule ahead. The boys started the season with a non-league game on Friday, November 11th down in New Haven, CT. Many eyes were on the team as they took a gritty win against Link Year Prep, one of the best ranked teams in the country.

The boys make their home debut on Wednesday, December 5th at 5pm. A busy schedule following the annual Blackburn Tournament at Worcester Academy the next weekend.  

Here are some fun facts about the players, as well as insight on the season from Head Coach Jamie Sullivan!

Matt Corey (Senior): He once played mini golf with Adam Sandler.
Jordan McAllister (Senior): He played the piano for 8 years.
Zak Latifi (Postgraduate): He once ate an entire scorpion pepper (the second hottest pepper in the world).
Dylan Lien (Senior): He became an uncle at the age of 8!


Josh Ogundele (Junior): He is from London, England!