Departing WA Faculty

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Departing WA Faculty

Dr. John Fox with Oskee

Dr. John Fox with Oskee

Dr. John Fox with Oskee

Dr. John Fox with Oskee

Nikola Duka '20

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As the year comes to a close, the WA community bids farewell to a number of faculty who are retiring or continuing their teaching lives beyond WA. We thank them for their time in our community, and have compiled short bios of their time here.

Brian Abend

Brian Abend worked in the Mathematics department at Worcester Academy for four years. Next year, Mr. Abend will be working in the math department at Bancroft School.

Eli Durmer

Eli Durmer has worked in the Mathematics Department at Worcester Academy which he transferred to from his last teaching position in Switzerland. He has been a member of the WA community for four years.

Catherine Fox

Catherine Fox has been working at Worcester Academy for fifteen years, from 2003 to present, and has worked in college counseling, the World Language Department, and the English Department. Most recently she worked in the English Department as an EFL teacher and as the AP Testing Coordinator for the upper school and admissions office. She and Dr. Fox will be retiring this year. 

Catherine Fox with a student

Dr. John Fox

Dr. John Fox has worked at WA for fifteen years, starting as the director of Worcester Academy’s middle school in 2003, and returning in 2012 to teaching Spanish in the World Language Department and EFL in the English Department, along with coaching girls’ basketball, track, and leading student trips. He and Mrs. Fox will be retiring this year. 

Charles Glassmire

Charles Glassmire worked in the Science Department at Worcester Academy, where he has most recently taught AP Chemistry. In addition, he has coached boys tennis. He sees WA as the most diverse and receptive school community he has taught in his career. Once retired, Mr. Glassmire plans on hiking the rest of the Appalachian Trail.

Stephen McKinley

Stephen McKinley has been at Worcester Academy for two years, where he has taught physics in the Science Department and has coached the Robotics Team for both years. He is leaving WA to return to Oklahoma.

Jessica Pine

Jessica Pine works in the History department at Worcester Academy, where she has also coached the girls track team. She has been at WA for four years. She will be continuing her teaching career in New Jersey. 

Jessica Pine and Eli Durmer, pictured with the girls’ varsity cross-country team

Robert Thorn

Robert Thorn is a longstanding member of the WA art department and WA community more generally. He is retiring in 2018 after over four decades at WA. He is featured in a separate article for this issue.

Leah Wolf

Leah Wolf has worked in the science department at Worcester Academy for two years, where she teaches computer science. She has also coached the robotics team and assisted with WA theater productions. She will continue her teaching career in Chicago. 

Left to right: Catherine Fox, Leah Wolf, and Dr. John Fox