For The Culture Dance

Neha Panigrahi '19

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The For the Culture dance was held at Worcester Academy on February 10th of this year. It was the last part of Winter Carnival week, following a bubble soccer tournament, dodgeball tournament and the spirit week filled with various themed dress down days. Worcester Academy often gets invited to dances at other schools, but the For the Culture dance was the first time our school has invited other school’s students to a dance, and the dodgeball tournament the night before was the first time Worcester Academy invited other schools to an event on campus.

The purpose of the dance was to celebrate each other’s cultures and heritage. Many students at Worcester Academy have diverse backgrounds, but do not have many chances to show others their heritage. This dance was about displaying the diverse cultures of Worcester Academy, and brought WA a step closer to being more inclusive to those with different backgrounds. The dress code for the dance was to wear what represents YOU. Students were encouraged to wear ethnic clothing and other garbs that demonstrated personal identity. Different types of music were played, including AfroBeats, Kpop, and Bollywood. The main decoration for the dance was different flags to represent the different countries that are represented at our school.

This dance can also be related to the school wide question, “How do we honor and harness the power of our stories?”, because students were able to honor their culture by wearing clothing from their heritage or playing music in their native language. This year, diversity has been one of the main focuses at Worcester Academy and the For the Culture Dance was the result of the hard work the Board of Monitors have been putting in this year to make this school a more inclusive place. Diversity Day occured a couple of weeks ago, but the idea of honoring the diversity Worcester Academy has and spreading inclusivity around campus continues.

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For The Culture Dance