Coach to Coordinator: Mr. Sullivan


Mr. Sullivan in the Athletic Equipment Room

Aidan Busconi, Editor

Mr. Dan Sullivan, a long-time assistant basketball coach and student activities coordinator at Worcester Academy, was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Ashland, Massachusetts. At the age of six, he moved to Andover, where he started playing basketball and running track. Mr. Sullivan has one brother who currently lives in Lowell, and his parents still now live in Andover.

After high school, Mr. Sullivan went to Syracuse University, where he studied selected studies education and history. Along with that, Mr. Sullivan was the student manager of the basketball team for all four years, joined the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, and volunteered at many local schools. 

After college, Mr. Sullivan worked as a Division III basketball coach at Mount Ida College in Newton for a year. He then met Coach Jamie Sullivan and started working at Worcester Academy and later moved to Worcester. He has been working at Worcester Academy since then.

Mr. Sullivan has been the Student Activities Coordinator for the past five years, along with being the Assistant Basketball Coach for the past seven. Mr. Sullivan has also coached the middle school basketball team for the past five years before this year.

His favorite part about Worcester Academy is the learning that can take place outside of the classroom and through the city. He likes how the school is not just from 8:00 to 3:35, and that a student can use extracurriculars to step out of their comfort zone. He says that it helps students learn how to work in a team setting, make sacrifices, and put aside differences to achieve a common goal. 

Outside of school, Mr. Sullivan likes to hang out with family and friends, along with playing a lot of golf. He is also currently coaching an AAU basketball team.

Mr. Dan Sullivan is a vital part of our campus. His willingness to be there and help anyone in need is an essential part of our school. He is a friendly face on campus that anyone can talk to, and he has made a lasting impact on the community from behind the scenes. Mr. Sullivan has built an excellent reputation as not only being a great coach but also a great member of the Worcester Academy community.