March Poem: “I’m Fine” by Keyshla Lorenzo

Keyshla Lorenzo

I’m fine

We say this all the time

One of the biggest known lies

Because we say we are fine on the outside

But feel like we are dying on the inside

I’m fine

I keep to myself

Cause I would rather cause internal harm 

than be a burden to someone else

I’m fine 

Though I’m struggling a lot to keep my thoughts from spilling out 

Because I don’t want to offend anyone, that’s not what I’m about

I’m a people pleaser, a peaceful dreamer

Not a lying schemer with a mean demeanor

I’m fine

Cause no one wants to hear what I have to say anyways

If I express my emotion

I get drowned out by an ocean

By a sea of people who speak louder than me

So it’s best if I just keep it down eternally

I’m fine

I’m not really fine but that’s not for you to know

Because people judge and while I try not to let it hurt

It sinks in like a casket in the dirt

I’m not fine

But I have to keep up my masks

Don’t want people to see the real me 

So I smack a smile on my face and if anyone asks

I’m fine