February Poem: “A Tear in Family” by Natalia Rozo

Natalia Rozo

I long to see where you have been hiding. 

Calling out your name in a storm that kept brewing inside of you.

You bursted out with anger rather than joy.

I wait to console and hear all the crazy thoughts you have.

But yet you made I feel like mist in the air so very transparent, that you look past me. 

You feel as if those that share the same blood as you are not as important as those who speak of what you want to hear but not what you need to hear.

You kept me to be miles away rather that an inch from you.

Now I realize that you hadn’t found I to be of great importance in your life.

You make I weep for how you have become. 

Long gone.

I’ll wait for the moment you leave the hiding spot that you have been in for years.

Because I won’t ever give up on you.